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4GT & AC students., It’s difficult to clear an IELTS exam in 1st attempt, to stop this trend, sir sm imran has made an advanced course in which he teaches u latest tips & techniques to boost ur performance. Join the best ONE ON ONE IELTS preparation by sir sm imran, if u have to study indepth, this place is the best, join this tomorrow at gulshan.
Latest results
Umair 7.0 gt
Sidra 7.0 ac
Zoya 7.0 ac
Farina 8.0 ac

Dear student,
*If u r the one,
Who needs IELTS 8.0 band in each.
*Who is repeating 2nd time.
*Who think they can’t do it.
*Who wants to clear in 1st attempt.
We’ve made an advanced learning course.
Won’t give u any complaint.
Offering 1 free class for ur satisfaction.
Join sir sm imran tomorrow at gulshan.

IELTS Most recent result
GT test
fauzia rizwan got 7.0 band (006517)
In 1st attempt. And Tauseef got 7.0 band overall.
It was his 2nd attempt. At 1st he prepared himself & got 5.5 band.
Join SIR SM IMRAN tomorrow at sharae faisal. Never leave it for 2nd attempt like tauseef.
we actually want to save ur time & money.
For latest results visit

The IELTS repeat trend is on the rise. To avoid this, we strongly recommend that u choose our individual training course. It’s more effective & authentic. Join sir sm imran at sharae faisal tomorrow.
“Best results”
Saeed 8.0 band Ac
Hibba 8.0 band Ac
Saad 8.0 band AC

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