IELTS Classes In Karachi


ielts classes in karachi

ielts classes in karachi


Don’t be a victim of IELTS repetition. Learning with time saving technique is highly recommended now. Join the ultimate guide to IELTS by sir sm imran  at north, gulshan, sharae faisal. Just clear it once & save ur time & money. L 9 R 8.5 W 7  S 8 = 8 band obtained by masood in gt test. latest Result of 16/FEB/2013 Shariq got 7.0 band in AC test.


A perfect place to score 8.0 band in IELTS. Lastest Result Syed waqas got 8.0 band L 9.0 band R 8.5 band W 7.0 band S 8.0 band CN NO. 004652 AC. If u really need 7.0 band in each module then SIR SM IMRAN is the last hope 4u who can actualy help u achieve ur desired band. Repeating IELTS wil only disheart u from applying. So b4 it is too late, join sir sm imran’s IELTS classes in karachi. “The talent that is hidden inside u wil b utilized”.


Why do people have to repeat IELTS exam again? The reasons behind are, either they study low quality tuition or they try it themselves, 4 saving some money they have to face a big loss. Plz don’t try it any way. Join the high quality training only by sir sm imran at sharae faisal today.
IELTS result 8.5 R 8.5 W 8.5 S 8 = 8.5 Band got by salman. Latest result Khalid got 7.5 band overall in Ac test.


Top position in pakistan
IELTS 8.5 BAND Gt by
Sir Sm Imran’s student
Salman ahmad
L 8.5
R 8.5
W 8.5
S 8.0
Total 8.5 band.
2nd top positions by
Asad 8.0, Saeed 8.0, Hibbah 8.0 in 2012.
Only the expert can teach for 8.5 band.
“Without providing technique & proper guidance 8.5 is imposible,
Never waste ur time in low quality tuition where students r not given exact tricks & leaving it uncleared”.
Remember IELTS is not very simple, it requires great work.

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